Coronavirus halts China Adoptions


As the news of the Coronavirus outbreak floods media outlets and impacts both leisure and business travel to China, it has also had very real implications for two of our recently sponsored families. Both the Holmes and Kuert families have experienced delays in processing and travel as they arrange their adoptions with the country of China.

The Homles Family

The Holmes family was set to travel between Jan 31st - Feb 15th to meet Phoenix and celebrate their Gotcha Day!! Unfortunately, the outbreak of the Coronavirus has halted all travel associated with adoptions and delayed their trip. Had things gone according to plan they would have just been arriving back home with their new little boy in hand. Please keep both the Holmes and Phoenix in your thoughts and prayers as they highly anticipate their opportunity to be united.

The Kuert Family

The Kuert Family has been waiting with anticipation for their LID (Log In Date) from China, which is the notification that their dossier is approved. This would then open the door for them to be matched with their future little one. As they were anticipating the receipt of their LID, they received news from their agency that adoption paperwork has been shut down or delayed in China due to the virus. Please keep the Kuerts in your thoughts and prayers as we hope for their paperwork to continue processing soon.

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