About the 35Kcampiagn


Adoption Changes the World

Why We Do It

Children without parents are more likely to lack education, proper housing, and protection from exploitation. Adoption combats these issues by offering the support and security of a family. Every dollar donated helps adopt a child, builds a family, and supports a community. 

How We Do It

We sponsor one family at time. Our entire community's donations are pulled every month and put towards the Current Sponsored Family. This community style crowd-funding eases the financial burden of adopting families, and allows families to focus more on the important pieces of their adoption such as getting their home ready, attaching with the child, and providing for everyday needs.

Who Does It

We all do it! $35,000 is the average cost of an adoption, foreign or domestic. That is a lot of money for a couple to raise, but it is not a lot of money for a community to raise. If you believe adoption changes the path and outcome of a child's life, then we invite you to join our community and be part of the impact.

Our Programs

Family Sponsorship

As a community we put all of our resources in one account to help fund a single adopting family. Join the community of donors or apply for sponsorship. Together we are stronger!

Family Guidance

The 35Kcampaign offers guidance to families journeying through the adoption process for the first time. Program recommendations, fundraising ideas, and grant options are available. Please fill out the contact form for more information.

Adoption Awareness

If you know of a child needing a loving home, the 35Kcampaign often advocates for children on our website and social media platforms. Please provide us the information to any child needing a home via our contact form.



Chad and Joni Ryder

The Ryders lead the 35Kcampaign as an organic grassroots community of adoption supporters. 

With a background in non-profits,  social work, business, and technology the Ryders culminate their diverse skills to make a difference where it counts. 

The Ryders have lived overseas and spent time serving in some of the children homes through which 35Kfamilies have later adopted their forever children.

The Ryders are truly blessed to support the 35Kcampaign and believe this community of donors is enriching the lives of children around the world as we help fund their adoptions into loving, God-centered, homes.