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    29 Oct 2018
    Jon and Elissa Kuert sensed that adoption would be part of their story from early on in their marriage. They always felt that their hearts were open to adoption and that...
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    12 Jun 2018
    Jeremy and Jessica Locke are adopting Ruth, a girl under four-years-old from the special needs program in India. We are excited about what God has in store for them, and we...
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    19 Jan 2018
    We are the Smith Family. Scott (Dad), Jennifer (Mom), Julian (12), Cooper (9), and Elijah (4) with a daughter awaiting us in heaven, and another in China. Welcome to our story,...
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    22 Dec 2017
    Our adoption journey began many years ago, before Steve and I even met. Adoption had touched both of our extended families, and we both knew that one day we would grow...
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This dollar supports families in the adoption process. It pays for agency fees, home studies, government fees, and travel fees associated with the adoption.  

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Monthly givers establish a dedicated network. We each give monthly to continually build a fund for our adopting family. Many efforts, repeated many times, bring many rewards.

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Each adoption gives an orphaned child a loving home. It also gives loving couples a chance to be parents and personally change the world for one child.

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We at the 35Kcampaign have chosen adoption as our core issue because we believe that adoption is a beautiful solution to some of society’s biggest heartbreaks. We think parents who voluntarily take home children and raise them as their own are perfect examples of selflessness and love.  At the 35Kcampaign, we want to help more parents have the means to grow their families through adoption.

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35K people giving $1. We started as a group of siblings, and we are quickly expanding to include our friends and their friends. We believe in the power of adoption and have chosen to be the change we hope to see in the world!

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