Waldron Family Adoption

Lee and Sara Jo Waldron live their lives full of courage and faith. When Sara Jo talks about courage, she quotes Shauna Niequist: “No one lives out an exciting calling without just plunging forward at some point, full of fear and uncertainty.” For the Waldrons, courage and faith are the only ways to overcome fear and uncertainty. Their adoption journey is no different.

Lee and Sara Jo live in a cozy little community in Kansas. Lee works at Tabor College and Sara Jo as a youth pastor at a local church. Together they serve and transform the lives of children, youth, and young adults in their community. They passionately invest in others and are a true joy to be around.  

Sara Jo always had a tender spot in her heart for those with special needs. Over time, she and Lee began to feel the calling to adopt and parent a special needs child. In April 2016, a unique connection put them in touch with a birth mother and about 3 weeks later their son was born. “He is a Waldron. He is our son. He is perfect in every way,” the Waldrons said.

At the birth of their son Hezekiah, the Waldrons launched into a whirlwind of fundraising, medical appointments, adoption fees, and learning to parent a special needs child. We at the 35Kcampaign helped to alleviate almost a quarter the financial burden for the Waldrons so that they could focus on caring for Hezekiah and his needs.

Thank you to our 35Kcommunity. You were generous and amazing and we are always blown away to see a community come around an adopting family.

Since their adoption the Waldrons have repaired Hezekiah’s cleft lip! They have been an active part of the 35Kcommunity, and we love partnering with them every chance we get!


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