Kutcher Family Adoption

When Michelle was 22 months old she was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer, rhabdomyosarcoma. Through the incredible care of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital she received life-saving radiation, although the side effects later left Michelle infertile.

As a teenager, Michelle decided to take the news of infertility and turn it into an opportunity to bless the lives of others around her. She began to dream of a family built through adoption.

During the same time, God began working on Tim’s heart, planting in him the idea that adoption was an incredible opportunity.

Together Tim and Michelle hope to provide a home built on trust; a home filled with love, safety, laughter, compassion, encouraging words, and lots of affection! The Kutchers believe T-I-M-E is the proper way to spell “love,” and cannot wait to spend time camping, hiking, and playing with their new child.

With the help of the 35Kcampaign, the Kutchers were able to finish the fundraising process for their domestic infant adoption. Tim and Michelle believed the Lord was faithful to complete their adoption in His timing, and they waited for the anticipated phone call for 1 year. God was faithful and brought them a beautiful little girl. Thanks to their loving community, and the 35Kcampaign, they were 100% ready to answer the call.


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