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What is your talent?

The Holmes have two wonderful children, Dayton and Millicent (Milli), but God is not done growing their family. God has been working in their hearts and used a trip to Honduras to help them realize God’s plan. 

While working with the Trash Mountain Project in Honduras, the Holmes went to a local Sunday church service where the pastor gave a sermon on God Given Talents and told the congregation, “God has given each and every one of us a talent.” He asked the congregation if they were using that talent to glorify God and further His mission. At one point during the sermon the pastor asked everyone to “please turn to your neighbor and tell them your talent.” It struck Megan instantly. She turned to Andrew and said, “being a mom!” Megan had realized that being a mom was her talent and it was not only meant for their two biological children. She knew she could be a mom to any child God placed in their home. 

When the Holmes decided to adopt, they began the researching process. Not knowing where to start they did a quick Google search of adoption agencies in Kansas. That led to a number of agencies in a nearby metro area and some negative experiences in the pre-application phase. So, one day Andrew had a discussion with a friend, and pastor, from church and was reminded that Lifeline was right in their hometown of Topeka, Kansas. That same day Andrew checked out Lifeline’s website and applied. Through Andrew’s conversation, God led the Holmes to Lifeline and it has been a perfect match for them since the word “Go.”

When Andrew and Megan started working with their adoption agency it just felt right. No matter the quality or quantity of questions the Holmes asked, the agency staff was supportive and willing to answer every question. The process can be long and intimidating at times, but the caring staff from Lifeline has been such an amazing guiding force that Andrew and Megan journeyed without worry. They originally began their adoption process in the pursuit of a domestic infant adoption, but reconsidered their plan upon learning about the long wait times that can occur with being matched to an infant adoption. 

Through a lot of prayer and discussion with their agency, the Holmes have decided to pursue an international adoption from China. This change has made them more aware of the need for families for waiting children around the world, and the Holmes are thrilled at the idea of being that family to one of these children.   

Currently there are an estimated 8 million children living in institutions and in waiting children programs around the world. In Asia alone there is an estimated 60 million orphaned children. Children in China, if not adopted, age out of care at 14 years old never knowing the love of a family and having limited options or resources.

God has blessed the Holmes family in many ways, and they know He will continue to bless their family as they continue growing their relationship with Him. For Andrew and Megan, this was not a leap of faith. They did not have to hold their breath hoping God would provide something positive. This was the Holmes saying “Yes” when God asked them to follow Him and to be His hands and feet. They are excited to see what God has in store for their family through this journey called adoption.

Please stand alongside the Holmes and help them help a waiting child know the love of family.

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