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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Birmingham Alabama - Buy Viagra online fast delivery in North Las Vegas Nevada

Our adoption journey began many years ago, before Steve and I even met. Adoption had touched both of our extended families, and we both knew that one day we would grow our family through adoption. Let me begin by saying that we are blessed to be the parents of five treasures, all with their own unique stories. In the beginning, we had our first biological son with no issues. After quite a bit of struggle with infertility, a failed adoption attempt and a miscarriage, we were blessed with our biological daughter. During our struggles with infertility, God grew in us the desire to adopt. We adopted our third child domestically in 2010, our son, when our daughter was 19 months old. Two years later in 2015, we adopted our fourth child, our daughter, from China. The road to our decision to adopt internationally is one that is laced with the fingertips of God. The evidences of His guidance and direction to follow His leading were too obvious to ignore.


So, in a five year time frame, we adopted two children, one domestic and one international. We are not super wealthy people. We meet guidelines, but we live on a budget. We don’t have the cash reserves just sitting around to pay for adoption fees, so we worked and worked to fundraise for each of those adoptions. It is exhausting but so worth the effort!! God provided for every penny we needed both times!

In May of 2016, God began stirring in our hearts to return to China for our fifth child. It was a small whisper of a stirring, but it was there. In November 2016, we began very preliminary paperwork to wait. In December, I saw his picture. I contacted our agency to inquire about a beautiful 2 year old little boy needing orthopedic surgery to be able to walk. We were told that we would never see his file since there was a waiting list for it… there were 10 families ahead of us. February 2017, his file hit my inbox. We had 2 days to make a decision. Medically, there was some scary stuff in his file, but to be honest, the financial side of things terrified me the most. My first “no”? Fundraising. “God, I know you’ve provided in the past, but fundraising is HARD. I DON’T WANT to fundraise.” It was a pitiful “no”. I knew that, and God knew that. So, after much prayer, consulting with specialists over the course of those 2 days, we knew. I think we knew from the moment we set eyes on him.  He was our son, regardless of the cost.

We began fundraising, and we watched God blow our minds. Online auction, massive yard sale, mixing batches and batches of taco seasoning, selling capes… Money came in when we needed it. God is our provider and we have learned over and over again that he provides when we need it, not necessarily when we WANT it done.  We are so thankful for the 35KCampaign for partnering with us to help ease that fundraising burden. Our son came home on November 11, 2017. He fits our family perfectly. We have a long road ahead with surgeries and therapies. There are still some unknowns up in the air, but one thing is certain. He is chosen and loved and treasured and forever a part of our family.

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Birmingham Alabama - Buy Viagra online fast delivery in North Las Vegas Nevada