web Jeremy and Jessica Locke are adopting Ruth, a girl under four-years-old from the special needs program in India. We are excited about what God has in store for them, and we hope you will join them on their journey to make an impact.

hop over to here The Lockes live in Tennessee with their three children. They felt a stirring in their hearts to pursue adoption but were unsure where their child would be from. Through the help of their agency, they learned of the vast need for adoptions from India. India has the largest population of children living on the streets due to abandonment, homelessness, or losing caregivers. India also the most unreached people groups in the world. While Jessica and Jeremy know they cannot adopt all the children in India, they knew they could adopt one. They wanted their one adoption to make the greatest impact possible, and they believe the India program allows them to do just that.  

click here now The Locke family was recently matched with their daughter in June of 2018! Read Jessica’s update here:

citas saludcoop en linea medellin Jessica’s Update on Ruth

http://ramblingroseboutique.com/?prertwe=hockey-dating-app&6b3=42 Can I just say, God’s fingerprints have been ALL over this entire adoption!!! 

So let me rewind to Thursday, May 31st. I had been feeling for a week or 2 that I really needed to pray for our India social worker (lets call her Bee). But Thursday I was incredibly burdened with the need to pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance over Bee as she continued daily to seek a match for us, so I texted my prayer sisters. Unbeknownst to me, Bee, later that day stopped on a file she had passed over for the last week or two. She decided to contact the Orphanage of that little girl to ask for clarification of her special needs. The orphanage got back to her over our night, and she presented us with the match Friday June 1st. Now that doesn’t sound huge- just 1 thing- may be coincidence. BUT NO! It’s truly a miracle that she presented this child to us, because some of her needs are on our “no” list. But this is clearly the daughter God has for us, so let’s move on from there for a second. Jeremy and I both felt an incredible peace that this was our Ruth from the moment Bee presented us with her file. Also, as more information came out, it looks like they may have wrongly assessed her special needs and that she truly does fit all of our “yes” and “maybe” lists. Honestly, if it had not been for the Holy Spirit’s discernment in Bee, we would still be waiting and Ruth would still be waiting as well. Top it all off, we had chosen Ruth’s name at the beginning of this adoption process- its Hebrew for friend/companion. Ruth’s pre-adoption Hindi name- means friend/companion! No way anyone can ever tell me that God’s hand wasn’t directing this whole thing! Praising God for our sweet little Ruth!

I wish I could tell you all about her and show off her picture to you, but India does not allow us to share any identifying information until we are in country with her. So you will just have to wait with us until we meet her!




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