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The couple lives in Illinois where Nathan works as an Automotive Technology instructor and Rachel is a full-time mom to their 2 year old daughter, Emmalyn. They hope to have several children, and are excited about the adoption adventure. Here is an excerpt from a letter they wrote for a birth-mother who may consider choosing their family for her child:

“We love the idea of being able to tell this child that we chose them.  We wanted them.  We sought them out.  That they are loved and they are cherished.  We plan to raise this child to know about the deep love that you had for them.  You will always be the woman that helped our family to grow in such a beautiful way.  We want you to know that you will not be forgotten by us, but that you will be honored and respected so deeply by our family.  You are giving this baby a beautiful life and for that we thank you.“ 

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Bellevue Washington, Can i buy Viagra in Grand Rapids Michigan

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Bellevue Washington, Can i buy Viagra in Grand Rapids Michigan

Nathan and Rachel Kivley have talked about adoption since they were dating. In fact, Rachel was adopted! Rachel is thankful for her birth mother who always has a special place in her heart. She’s thankful to her parents for adopting her and for being open about adoption.

Nathan and Rachel are approaching their adoption with their hearts and their hands open. Adoption always comes with so many unknowns, and the Kivleys have been flexible through timelines, processes, even ages of children.  They’re learning to trust God’s timing and perfect plan for their family.