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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Columbus Ohio - Purchase Viagra no prescription in Fremont California

Dan & Melissa Brillhart are a warm and joyful couple with three biological children, and one son they just brought home from China. The Brillharts worked very hard over the course of a year to raise the funds necessary to bring home their son. They partnered with the 35Kcampaign to raise the final portion of their needed funds.

The Brillharts live in Pennsylvania where Dan works as a machine operator and Melissa is a nurse. Together they embarked on a journey to adopt Tian, a six-year-old boy from China. 

Dan and Melissa always hoped to grow their family. After the door closed to have another biological child, the Brillharts began praying and reflecting on God’s plan for their family. Around the same time, Melissa’s friend was advocating on Facebook for a 6-year-old boy in China who needed a family. Melissa heard God whisper to her, “This could be your son. You could love him as your own.” After much prayer and discussion, Dan jumped fully on-board and the two went on a faith-filled journey to complete this adoption.

The Brillharts have had Tian, now Mathew, home since March 2017. They are a very fun family and frequently have fun playing around the house. The Brillharts anticipate additional medical expenses when they return to the States due to Tian’s special and medical needs.

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Columbus Ohio - Purchase Viagra no prescription in Fremont California