35Kfriends Who Share Your Dream

The Dream

stockvault-the-joy-of-childhood-bw101868If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? For us it started with a desire to end human trafficking. There are many worthy causes that are offered to each of us every day. You can help put shoes on the feet of a cold child; you can provide education and faith training to children around the world; and you can provide clean water to people who are suffering from disease. All of these are worthy causes, and for many of us The Dream is simply to Change The World.

Upon a deeper investigation of all these issues it became clear to us there is one issue that reaches around the world and helps people of every demographic – Adoption. Adoption is the singular act that can clothe the naked, heal the sick, and feed the hungry simply by bringing an orphan into your family.

The Problem

According to the statistics provided from Christian Alliance for Orphans, there are a reported 153 million orphans in the world, while there are only 250,000 adoptions every year. Despite the tilted numbers, the Christian Church has the potential to close the gap on the current differential. AbbaFund, adoption assistance for Christian families, cites that, “if 1 family in every 3 churches in the US adopted a waiting child, every waiting child in the US would have a forever family.”

The major hindrance for families in the adoption process is fully funding the adoption. With agency fees, legal fees, government fees, and travel fees the total cost of an adoption can range between $20,000-$35,000.

The Friends

35Kcampaign is a large group of friends uniting behind the dream to change the world by addressing the problem of funding adoptions for loving families around the world. We are currently growing towards 35,000 monthly donors who are committed to solving the same world issues that touch your heart. Our efforts, our donations, and our hearts go as a united effort toward funding one family at a time as we work through the adoption numbers. Join this group of friends that is focused on tilting the numbers, fixing the problem, and reaching the dream!